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♦ Do you need ongoing Facebook ads campaign optimization? ♦ I am working on optimizing Facebook campaigns for agencies with multiple clients and small, local businesses in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on a daily basis. With ongoing Facebook ads optimization and daily monitoring, I can assist you in improving your ads, getting higher click-through rates, and better return on ad spend. ♦ Is your business already running Facebook ads and you want to improve them? ♦ We can kick off our collaboration with a Facebook campaign audit of your previous ads. Many of my clients benefited from reviewing their Facebook ads history. There is so much more than identifying which Facebook campaign ran better and optimizing them. I can assist you in testing the Facebook pixels if they are firing correctly. ♦ Do you want to renew your old ways of Facebook advertising? ♦ I believe a fresh perspective is always useful, that is true of Facebook campaigns. We can identify new potential audiences with a new audience research and strategic audience tests. I can also assist you in creating new ads, ad design and copywriting. ♦ Are you just starting off with Facebook ads for your business? ♦ I can assist you in creating your Facebook ad campaigns from the ground up. Setting up the Facebook Business Manager, installing the Facebook pixel on your site and implementing the first ads. If you plan on managing the ads yourself and you need some guidance in the first steps we can have a screen sharing session where I walk you through the initial setup.



✓ Start collaboration with a questionnaire
✓ Business Research
✓ Strategy, goals
✓ FB Pixel
✓ Audiences Research and Targeting
✓ Audiences and Targeting Setup
✓ Ads Testing/optimization for 7 days


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